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Nurse/Staff Nurse

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Responsibilities/Duties Include:

  • Obtaining blood samples;
  • Electrocardiograms (ECGs);
  • Minor and complex wound management including leg ulcers;
  • Travel health advice and vaccinations;
  • Child immunisations and advice;
  • Family planning & women’s health including cervical smears;
  • Sexual health services;
  • Assisting and Caring for Others – Providing personal assistance, medical attention, emotional support, or other personal care to others such as co-workers, customers, or patients;
  • Documenting/Recording Information – Entering, transcribing, recording, storing, or maintaining information in written or electronic/magnetic form;
  • Getting Information – Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources;
  • Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge – Keeping up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge to your job;
  • Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work – Developing specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish your work;
  • Identifying Objects, Actions, and Events – Identifying information by categorizing, estimating, recognizing differences or similarities, and detecting changes in circumstances or events.

Requirements and skills


Good interpersonal skills are vital for nurses, who have to communicate with numerous other medical and care professionals as well as being a key source of information and emotional support for patients. Other valuable attributes are:

  • verbal/written communication skills;
  • empathy and sensitivity to patients’ needs and concerns;
  • observation skills;
  • willingness to be flexible;
  • teamwork skills;
  • an ability to deal with ‘emotionally charged’ situations;
  • organisational skills;
  • managerial and leadership skills;
  • attention to detail;
  • good hygiene.

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